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“The Scottsdale Studio of Music and teachers taught me patience and dedication can help you succeed in performing any piano piece you put your heart into. I always enjoyed getting the chance to play in the yearly PMTA Piano Ensemble and learning to coordinate the duet with my teacher and other students. I’m thankful for the 8 years spent with SSOM and the family environment that welcomed me so warmly.”

~ Jessica Heinstein

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The Scottsdale Studio of Music

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Why Choose
The Scottsdale Studio of Music?

The Scottsdale Studio of Music has brought music to hundreds of families since opening in 2009. Our teachers are highly skilled, very personable and friendly, and are dedicated to enriching our students and families through music. When you become a Studio student, you can be sure that you're learning from the best.  Our teachers personalize their lessons to you, so that you can acquire an excellent musical foundation, while learning the style of music that you choose.

While you are here researching the best school for you, please consider the benefits of becoming a Studio student and find out why our Studio is offering the highest quality of music lessons in the Valley.

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School Year 2022-2023

Thirteen Benefits to Becoming a Student at The Scottsdale Studio of Music:

1. During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to bringing our families the highest quality of music lessons while maintaining the highest safety standards, using social distancing, meticulous sanitation,  and masks.

Teachers can conduct lessons from a 6-foot distance in our large teaching rooms as well as wear a mask. We also sanitize piano keys in between lessons and disinfect surfaces every day.

2. Piano, Singing, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Brass (Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba), Woodwinds (Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Oboe, English Horn, Saxophone), Violin, Cello, Ukulele,  -- All These Music Lessons at One Location!

Families can take piano, voice, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, violin, cello, clarinet, and/or ukulele in one location. Taking lessons at a school like ours allows students to be part of a musical community which brings camaraderie between music students. Our music students are inspired and motivated by interacting and collaborating with other students at their own level or with more advanced students. These opportunities are unavailable when music lessons are taken at a music store, in-home or from a private teacher.

3. The highest qualified teaching faculty, giving consistent and personalized lessons:

Our Studio teachers are highly qualified and love teaching.  All our teachers have years of teaching and performance experience and are credentialed at the university level.  In addition to their teaching credentials, our teachers have warm personalities, are extremely friendly and dedicated to teaching you the style of music that you want to learn in your music lesson.

Some schools switch teachers regularly. At our Studio we strive to build lasting relationships between students and their teachers. Our teachers spend time getting to know each individual student, and we modify our approach and methods to fit the personality and learning style of each student. Students choose their personal favorite pieces to prepare for the recitals. When a student likes the music they are learning, they become more excited about practicing and developing their own style.

4. Locally owned by a music educator:

The Scottsdale Studio of Music is not a national “cookie-cutter” type franchise. Owner and director Julie Ann Eggleston earned a Master’s of Music in Piano Pedagogy (which is the method and practice of teaching), a Graduate Certificate in Piano Performance and a Bachelors of Music in piano performance.

Some Scottsdale music schools are franchised and operated by owners who are not musicians themselves and/or have no music degree. Under the direction of a music degreed owner and director, the Studio is able to provide the highest quality of personalized music education as well as making the learning process fun, enjoyable, and memorable!

You deserve to learn from the best and that means the Scottsdale Studio of Music- where a multi-degreed music owner makes the difference.

5. Convenient lesson times and flexible makeup policy:

The Scottsdale Studio of Music strives to offer families lesson days and times that accommodate their busy schedules. We understand that families have multiple commitments when raising children such as school activities and sports.

If there are multiple family members taking lessons, we always try our best  to schedule all the family members around the same time.

When a student needs to make-up a missed lesson, we offer flexible options.  Families can either swap with another student’s lesson time with a 48-hour notice, or they can sign up for a group makeup class with no notice required.

6. A proven track record of excellence since 2009:

Since we opened in 2009, the Scottsdale Studio of Music has served hundreds of families in the Valley and we are proud and dedicated to continue offering the highest quality of music lessons in Piano, Singing, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello, Ukulele. Every year, aspiring music teachers start their own studio, and a year or two later it’s closed.

Many of our students have accomplished high music achievements, including being able to perform advanced songs and pieces and earning multiple state and national merits.  These earned merits have strengthened their high school and college applications.

7. Comfortable and beautiful waiting area for parents and family members:

With over 2,300 square feet, our Studio has plenty of space to welcome waiting family members.

Instead of waiting in a music retail store showroom, our clients enjoy a spacious, professional parent's lounge with comfortable chairs, kids' tables and chairs, Wi-Fi, and water/coffee service.

Families can wait in the reception room with tall windows and lots of natural light. They can also observe outside the teaching room through the tall windows, or they can choose to sit in on the lesson in the comfortable seating provided.  They are also welcome to wait in our spacious Recital Room.

8. Spacious and comfortable teaching rooms:

Most music schools and music retails stores have small, cramped and uncomfortable lesson rooms. At our Studio every teaching room is inviting, comfortable and spacious. Each Studio room has either a baby grand or upright acoustic piano for teaching use. Students also have access to the Recital Room piano to test out their recital pieces.  

9. Personal recitals which build lasting memories:

Some music schools herd large numbers of students into auditoriums for recitals once a year. Students are given limited time to perform in a ‘cattle-call’ setting. We host our Halloween, Winter and Spring recitals in our own Recital Room at the studio, keeping the recital length close to an hour and the audiences small so that the recitals are family friendly and non-intimidating for performers. There is no admission charge for our recitals, and the Winter and Spring recitals are included in a student’s monthly tuition.

Some schools and teachers focus on learning only one or two songs per year. Our goal, however, is to teach students a variety of songs throughout the year and a chance to perform multiple pieces of their choice. Our regular smaller performances allow students to gradually mature into a seasoned performer.

For those students who enjoy (and are ready for) grand, large-scale concerts, our Studio partners with national teachers associations (see below for details).

10. Many large-scale public performance opportunities:

Many music schools only rent space at a concert hall or a shopping mall for students to perform. But at our Studio, we, in addition to this, partner with nationally and internationally recognized and certified musical organizations. Many of our students have used these merits to enhance their high school and college applications.

As students advance in their instrument, they are able to take advantage of opportunities to perform, compete, and be adjudicated by professional music associations outside the Studio.  

There are annual opportunities available for piano students such as National Piano Guild, Arizona Study Program, and The Phoenix Music Teachers Association’s Piano Ensemble.  String students can participate in an annual evaluation program called Certificate Advancement Program (CAP).

In our exciting new program for drummers, electric guitarists, keyboardists, Studio teachers will coach students in Studio band groups to perform in our annual rock and roll and jazz concert series.

11. Trophies, certificates, and awards to celebrate achievement: 

All Studio students earn end-of-year awards at the May recital, regardless of when they started lessons at the Studio.  There are different awards for each year the student has taken lessons.  Certificates and merits for students who have completed additional competitions, adjudications, and/or performances are also awarded at the recital, and these accomplishments are noted in the recital program.

12. Located right off the 101 and Princess/Pima exit:

Conveniently located for residents of North Scottsdale, South Scottsdale, North Phoenix, Cave Creek, Carefree, Fountain Hills, and McCormick Ranch.

13. Month to month lessons:  

The Scottsdale Studio of Music does not require semester minimums for lessons. Every student here is on a month-to-month basis.